Meet the Next Generation of Collaborative Robots or COBOTs

Universal’s Robots robotic arms are a breakthrough for companies that need low cost robotic arms to streamline and automate production. The UR collaborative robot (COBOT) can deliver precision handling, flexibility and payload and still work alongside humans with no safety guarding.

New Products from UR

Universal Robots ushers in a new era of industrial automation. Meet the lightest 6-axis table-top robot offering unrivaled flexibility and positioning accuracy in a compact form.

Universal Robots UR3

Solutions from UR

Universal Robots’ Five Unique Selling Points

Users from many different industries explain how the UR robots’ five unique selling points benefit their production. Watch what Fast Setup, Easy Programming, Collaborative & Safe, Flexible Deployment and Fastest Payback Period look like in real life.


A new, smaller robot for light assembly tasks and automated workbench scenarios, Industries worldwide have embraced the collaborative benefits of the user-friendly UR5 and UR10 robots that feature unrivaled performance vs. affordability and can work next to people with no safety guarding.


By using a UR5 robot in their production facilities they have improved flexibility and operational efficiency.The collaborative robot relieves employees from the strenuous process of preparing bulky packages for large-scale distribution. The added benefit of the UR5’s fenceless-operation allows the robot to work side-by-side with employees on the production lines. 


Engineered for precession and desired for reliability in the BMW plant.

Application Showcase

Universal Robots Quadruples Injection Molding Production

UR robots help Betacom light up New Zealand

The ghost in the machine: An observation of oneself using technological ingredients – two robots and a 3D scanner

A mobile fleet of Robots

Robot arms helping healthcare professionals

News & Case Studies

Universal Robots brings manufacturing back to United States
To stay competitive, RSS Manufacturing & Phylrich needed an inexpensive automation solution that could easily be moved between CNC machines, assembly lines and tube benders. Watch how Universal Robots helped increase productivity!
The safe choice: Universal Robots at Etalex
Universal Robots are quick and flexible cobots – collaborative robots – able to operate without safety fencing after risk assessment is conducted. Watch how Etalex uses Universal Robots to save time and money!

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