SMC Pneumatics

SMC Corporation is the largest manufacturer of pneumatic automation parts and is a global leader in innovation and technology. They manufacture a range of industrial and commercial pneumatic and electrical control products.

New Products from SMC

Speed Controller with indicator / AS-FS

Speed Controller with indicator / AS-FS
Numerical indication of knob rotation for flow rate reduces flow setting time and setting errors!

Vacuum filter /AF

Vacuum filter /AF
AF modular style air filter combines the element and bowl in one piece, making element replacement easy

3 Port 3 Position Valve / VEX3

3 Port 3 Position Valve / VEX3
Intermediate stopping of cylinders up to ø125 is possible

Solutions from SMC

SMC Kits

Looking to increase efficiency and cut costs? Look no further! BRAAS has solutions for application specific assemblies which will help you streamline operations to achieve both!
We have a full-time operation building valve manifolds (100% tested), FRL assemblies and so on. Instead of ordering all the components and building them at your place, you can order the assembly with a single part number, we’ll assemble it from components we have in stock, and ship to you in short order. We do this as well or better than anyone around.

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